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Kovack Advisors, Inc. has partnered with Wealthcare Capital Management, LLC, to bring you Choice UMH, a Unified Managed Household (UMH) program that offers the ultimate in investment choice combined with value-added household-based rebalancing and tax location services.  As an option, investment portfolios can be connected to a patented goals-management system to provide clients a true goals-driven investment program.  The program makes available more than 160 preset portfolios designed to help you match investment strategy with your philosophy and client preferences. The low cost, risk-managed strategies, when connected to the patented Comfort Zone, provide a powerful and unique approach to give clients clarity, confidence and control over their goals and advisors a platform for growing their business. 

Choice UMH TAMP:

• Assets are managed by Wealthcare Capital Management LLC

• Includes household level rebalancing and tax management services

• Includes access to Wealthcare’s patented goals-management system, quarterly Comfort Zone reporting, and goal planning/management services.

• For full program, household minimum is $250,000 and account minimums do not apply.  For investment only option, household minimum does not apply, but account minimums apply. Investment only account minimums are strategy specific and begin at $25,000.

• No transaction charges when NTF funds and ETFs are used

• Normal transaction fees apply when transaction fee funds and ETFs are used

• Available at IWS

• Transactions in Foreign Securities may incur additional clearing firm charges.  Please contact the trading department for specific charges that may apply.

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